Meet the Staff

  • November 26, 2012

Girls in White SatinGirls in White Satin was established in 2008 and has since become one of the fastest growing, well known bridal boutiques in Central Illinois.

Girls in White Satin is truly grateful to all who have contributed to our success since we opened our doors.  Our success would not have been possible without the continued, loyal support of our customers, friends and family.  We look forward to being an important part of the wedding memories of our customers for years to come.

“Thank you” from all of us at Girls in White Satin.

Becky Baumgart & Terryl Boulanger
Owners and  Sister
Family Owned and Operated

Phyllis Henson
Alteration Consultant

Joann Taylor
Store Design Coordinator

Evelyn Welles
Bridal Consultant

Janette Bustos
Alteration Consultant

Emily Schneider
Bridal Consultant

Carrie Henson
Bridal Consultant

lrNjV8FtZcRWrnJjeMYkbarPAEgwqmKj7jB5kC8maJkHannah Maberry
Bridal Consultant

wkPRCjp5f6RyXDNz5LmdX-icGXor2k9HzINagOBc-FsAmanda Turley

Bridal Consultant

Laurie Mattes
Bridal Consultant

Ryleigh Boulanger
Future CEO

uhpNRwoLvI7ULpZSW3a0NwKh1nBE0S8qUL8pqtDQBioSierra Bettis – Bridal Consultant

lsRCHxLroWjmM9bkM6IMYnL09-khcpZXNLMSa1-YGbMAdrienne Hawkins – Bridal Consultant

 ajw0d7Rjs8g-L9kraMKxOGyOd7FXSBUJV0sn30A2WdwInes Johnson – Alteration Consultant
xMJiYz-EUmnE8vG-FMdbjDDYCyYWCWziNlKNdW1r4CA             Abi Swift – Receptionist

D18TWVWwQLT0XZSD8wWaFbmOLTr1vOZQxUIUQRjyrCg                           Melinda Norton

                                                                                                                                                                           Alteration Consultant

The Guys of White Satin