Boulanger Wedding

March 16, 2019 Girls In White Satin Bridal and Formal Wear will be closed for a VERY special occasion. A WEDDING! Terryl’s son Jay is tying the knot and making sweet Michelle his wife. We can’t wait to officially welcome Michelle to the Girls in White Satin family!
“Jay and I come from a similar background. Loving parents, loving family, loving friends, and being a single parent. The thought often crossed our minds – would someone ever love me because I have a daughter? In my case – two? We come with a package deal. Low and behold, God had greater plans in store for us both.
God knew. He knew the broken road Jay and I both took would soon lead us to one another. Things do happen for a reason. Many times reasons we don’t understand and often question – why did it have to be so painful along the way? But we are both here to say – it was worth it.
On March 16, 2019, our family will soon make “The Perfect Blend”. Jay, Michelle, Ryleigh, Ellie and Avery will be the perfect blend of God’s love, grace, and truth.”
– Michelle